Hello There!
 Today in school we had a party! And I got blisters! I had to make people fly on this weird spinning thing. But it was fun. Oh, never play a game with your older brother. He will make you barf. Long Story. 
I HATE Tuesdays. They are just so deppresing to me. School, homework, stuff like that. Today I was in Social Studies, chillin out, and my member in my team was like, Grace take notes on Guatemala or whatever for homework. See? Work.

Advice: Don't ask a boy if you and them could "hang out" sometime if it was a dare, especially if you are not sure you want to do it. My bff Alissa told me to ask to hang out with this stupid boy, and I was not sure about it, so she did it for me. This has been spread all around the US. I totally dissed some boy, then he is just like "WELL YOU ASKED ___ OUT." Just never do a dare that you are not so sure about.
Starting a new website about a life of a ten year old girl, as you can guess who she is, me! I will tell you all about the drama, comedy and action of the life of me and my friends.